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Maha Sohona is a 3-piece stoner/spacerock/heavy psych band from Umeå, Sweden. Their sound has been described as a mixture of Tool, Alice In Chains and Kyuss. They released their first selftitled record in 2014 through Nasoni Records. Without any promotion or live shows after their first record, their music had somehow slowly caught on to people and they had a following, mainly through the ending song of the album called Asteroids. To date, it has close to 500k plays on Spotify alone. After a long hiatus of 7 years, their second album Endless Searcher was released in June 2021 on Made Of Stone Recordings. It was received very well and landed at number 5 on the Doom Charts. The first live show they ever did was in November 2021 in their home town Umeå together with Domkraft and Cavern Deep. Since then, they have completed two European tours, a greek tour and some festival appearances. They will enter the studio in May 2024 to record their third full length album and are scheduled to perform at Krökbacken festival in Sweden this summer and Sword Of Damocles festival in Glasgow in October.


Guitar, Vocals - Johan Bernhardtson

Bass - Thomas Hedlund

Drums - Erik Andersson

Comments and reviews:

"They should’ve called it “endless repeat.” The mellow heft of Swedish unit Maha Sohona‘s sophomore full-length is one that I just kept going back to, time and time again, and the appeal of doing so only grew with more listening. Melodically capable but not overblown, songs like “Luftslott” and “Orbit X” brought to mind Sungrazer and earlier Spaceslug with a bittersweet nostalgia (in the case of the former, certainly) even as Maha Sohona used them to chart their own stylistic course. It was seven years between their first and second records, so I’m not going to predict when/if a follow-up will come, but Endless Searcher made my 2021 better to the point that I just put on “Leaves” and can feel the serotonin being released" - The Obelisk

"For every one thousand stoner rock albums there emerges a gem from an ocean of derivative bong water."

"Absolute banger, best album I've heard in months. I recommended it to my band mates. Feels like Alice In Chains in space"

"A humble yet expansive creation that’s rooted in the very greatness of all that psychedelic rock can be in the modern soundscape, it is every feasible moment of Endless Searcher that we see nothing short of magnificent prowess in the very style that seems to come as naturally to Maha Sohona as breathing." - Headbander Reviews

"It's absolutely impossible to truly pick a "favorite" from this album...the entire thing is just amaze-balls. Give it a listen and find out for yourself!
'...sänkt i en dröm...' Favorite track: Luftslott."

" The mellower parts of Maha Sohona’s excellent new space stoner rock album give me a lovely feeling of floating gently above the multicolored clouds as they drift slowly by, charting a course for distant galaxies I can see whirling in the depths of my lady’s dark eyes. But it’s not all happy days; Scavengers in particular explores some pretty dark lyrical territory, and does it compellingly, giving the album overall a nicely wide range of emotions."

 Our first ever live performance in Umeå November 2021 was filmed:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tmKg669vSH9NCEdnz4Y6s?si=Q4aarwfNQ8CMCRVEzUu8sg

Bandcamp: https://mahasohona.bandcamp.com/album/endless-searcher

Contact: mahasohonaumea@gmail.com